soyrizo + bittina’s creation

first of all, let me fill you in a little. i used to live with my good friend bittina and we would make the most delicious, yet odd, food pairings ever. our concoctions were creative, challenging and curious.

so when bittina asked me to come over last night for a night of soyrizo burritos, blog work (her blog is poor girl, rich food) and greys anatomy (which sadly 😦 wasn’t new last night ), i said i’d bring the wine!

the best part about soyrizo is the fact that you can get a large portion at the dollar store. score! it’s also healthier for you and isn’t as greasy as regular chorizo. (p.s. we heard Jack in the Box’s tacos were made with soyrizo – true?!)

we mixed the soyrizo with scrambled eggs and placed the mixture in a sundried tomato Flat-out wrap along with pepper jack cheese and bittina’s creation. it was a yummy combination of black beans, shredded carrots and garbanzo beans. we got our protein for the night for sure. πŸ™‚

the result was a success. i even had some of her creation on the side. i also made fresh pico de gallo for our burritos. with a lot dash of cholula, we were in “soyrizo/bittina creation” heaven. we had apples on the side too.

after dinner we attempted to sort through a bunch of vegetarian/vegan cookbooks i brought over…

(does anyone else love the smell of crayons? do i have an obsession with scents?)

…but, we got distracted with funny youtube videos and songs by the head and the heart. love the band! have a great friday pears! and really, try the soyrizo!

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