peach + beer (after a 13.1 mile race)

as i mentioned last week, i ran the p.f. chang’s rock ‘n’ roll half marathon (13.1 miles) on sunday morning. what a feat! i’ve ran one half marathon before this, but that was in 2008 when i had more time to train. this was one race that i was very nervous about.

i didn’t have a lot of time (2 jobs and extra writing projects will do that to you) to run on the weekends and by the time my commute from work got me home, it was dark. i knew i could make the 13.1 miles because i’ve done a half marathon before, but i was nervous about breaking my pr (2hrs 5min). i wanted it so bad i could taste it! my goal began as 1 hr 55 min, but i took it up to 2 hrs, just because i didn’t want to put too much pressure on that time.

but, i did it! i ran with the 2 hr pacer the entire race and ended up picking up my pace at mile 12 and ended with a time of 1 hr 58 min. i was excited, sore and in need of food and a drink! i was so happy the boy and my mom were there at the end too. πŸ™‚

after the race, my friends and i headed over to four peaks brewery in tempe to indulge in the nice weather (73 degrees!), some spinach + artichoke dip, thai hummus and peach beer.

mmhhhh. four peaks is a go-to place if you ever visit tempe, arizona. it has a great atmosphere and their peach beer is to die for. one more pitcher please. πŸ™‚

i’m ready for my next race. any suggestions?!


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