football + grilled pizza

sad to see the jets lose sunday night. it was a horrible first quarter and according to the boy, “they finally thawed out in the second half.” (it looked absolutely freeezing in pittsburgh).


aside from the loss, our spread was absolutely amazing. of course we had all the munchies like salsa (courtesy of the boy) chips, puff cheetohs and pretzels with mustard. and i had been dying to try making a modified version of thisΒ focaccia bread (with pears!) from eat, live, run. yum! i have never tried instant yeast before, but i think it came out a success. πŸ™‚i also used feta cheese instead of bleu cheese and the boy added parmesan after it was done baking, which was a great touch that i hate love admitting.

the boy’s parents brought over some salad and i love the fact that they put cilantro in it. i’ve never had it in my salad before and it really makes it so much more refreshing!

the best part? our grilled pizza creations. the boy and i have made these before so we were in perfect sync when flipping over, adding toppings, taking off grill.

i originally wanted to make more instant dough and add flavorings like rosemary, etc to the dough but sadly didn’t have time. instead, the boy headed to fresh ‘n’ easy and bought a pack of traditional pizza dough and rosemary focaccia dough.

we sprayed each side with olive oil and spread evenly on a tray. place one side on the grill and wait for it to start bubbling up, kind of like when you make pancakes. flip it over and immediately start putting on the toppings.

for one pizza we had:
-sauteed mushrooms
-sauteed spinach and garlic
-asiago cheese

on another we had:
-mozzarella cheese

both were amazing, but the second pizza we made had perfect burn marks that added a smoky grill taste. (i like burnt things, don’t judge).

we also had the most delicious (and nutritious) dessert. we had sugar-free, non fat vanilla ice cream and poured a wild berry flaxseed granola and fresh berries on top. it was so amazing that it was gone in 2 seconds. sorry no photos. 😦

(via espn)

after all this, it looks like the packers and steelers will be heading to the super bowl. what are some of your favorite football party snacks, meals?


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