oreos + milk = milk mustache

morning pears. i haven’t had an oreo is many, many years but the other day, i had the urge to buy a package of them. i missed the perfect soggyness after dunking the cookie in milk. and the best part? drinking the milk after. yum.

unfortunately for my thighs, one cookie turned into this:

i also attempted a milk mustache photo shoot, but it was an epic fail. why is it so hard to make the milk show up on skin? how do they do it in the photo shoots?

i have a secret obsession with the olsen twins

i know it’s not very healthy, but sometimes you just have to have some oreos and a glass of skim milk (especially after your glass of wine spills all over your bed and onto the carpet – woops). 🙂

who is your favorite milk mustache?


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