potato burrito

i remember in high school when going to puerto penasco, mexico (rocky point) was the cool thing to do for spring break. one great thing? the food was amazing – and fresh. and it being only 4 hours away from phoenix, my friends and i would make the trip a few times a year.

one of the best places to go was maria’s cart. we made friends with her every time we went there (she would forget about us despite my ex insisting she knew us and telling tales from trips before).

another amazing thing was waking up and walking out to the beach in the early morning and buying 3 for $1 burritos from the ladies walking the beach. they’d have them wrapped up and warm in a bucket – fresh from being made that morning. they had all kinds, but my favorite was the potato and cheese. it didn’t even have egg in it. and the homemade tortillas were to die for. this creation could wipe any hangover away.

the other night i decided to make my own potato burrito, but i just couldn’t leave my veggies and eggs all alone in the fridge.

first i diced up some potatoes and sauteed with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and a little parsley.

i also diced and sauteed zucchini, onions and green bell peppers. in another pan i scrambled 5 egg whites and feta cheese together (feta !!)

after everything was cooked, i toasted a tortilla on my stovetop. 🙂 yup, i did. and added all the goodies + cholula and jalapenos. it’s no lie that i like things hot.

i also had a few potatoes on the side, few fresh blackberries and orange juice. i feel a cold coming on so vitamin c all the way!

annnnd i had leftovers to make 2 burritos for breakfast at work this week. score!


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