soap pearings

i thought i’d share with you a cute, very easy craft that you can make for any occassion – a birthday, valentine’s (which is coming up) or even wedding favors.

dah. dah. dah. soap (!!)

and all you have to do is pear the perfect ingredients together.
take a measure cup or a bowl and place 4 small squares of your soap product choice (4 squares fits into the mold).Β  at michaels, they have olive oil, shea butter and a few others, but i just stuck with those two.

lay out all the ingredients so you can choose wisely which ones pear better. i also got some coloring dyes to play around with.

melt the olive oil/shea butter for 40 seconds in the microwave then take out and stir. place in microwave for 10 more seconds, then take out and stir again. repeat step 2 about 3 times until the product is smooth. then….add your goodies!

in this one, added blue dye, blueberry seeds and plumeria scent to the shea butter. i finished pearing the rest of the bars then poured them into molds that i pre-sprayed with pam.

and these. πŸ™‚

after they are all in their molds, place in the fridge for 30 minutes. after that, the soap should pop out of the molds really easy and you have your cute little bars. wrap, label, bag and you’re all set.

hope my friend becca likes these for her birthday today! happy birthday becca and happy soapingΒ  ya’ll!


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