fondue + your choice

what kind of fondue do you like? cheese, chocolate? or the better question, what do you like to dip in it? the pearings are endless people. for some reason, i’ve had so much fondue lately. once for a girls night and another last night.

it is quite delicious, but rather difficult to get the right texture. i had issues both times making it. sometimes it’s easier to go to a fondue restaurant and have them do it for you. i remember when i went to the melting pot for a special occasion and was treated with top notch food complimented with amazing service.

but, back to the fondue. the boy was in charge of the cheese and added a spicy pepperjack, a mexican blend, diced jalapenos and habaneros, and a diced tomato. it was really great, with the right kick of spice. the only problem was that the consistency was a little…chunky.

for our sides, we toasted some pretzels in the oven and also had some sliced apples. other things (not pictured) included green bell peppers, celery and carrots.






for the chocolate fondue, we mixed dark chocolate chunks with milk chocolate morsels and just a touch of cream. for some reason, we’re not sure if it was the cream, or the mixing of milk with dark, or if we should have microwaved it to get it started, but it ended up looking like this.

it looked like bad brownie batter. we were scared to even try it. so for attempt number two, we took a double broiler and started out with just dark chocolate ghirardelli squares. if you ever go to san francisco, you have to go to ghirardelli square and have a sundae in their cafe. amazing.

the result was sweet success.

for our pearings, we had strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, and graham crackers.

i made a mini smores that shortly got devoured. and i may or may have not gotten chocolate all over the table, floor and the bed (i guess i had chocolate all down my arm before i went to bed, but who can blame you when you’re in chocolate bliss?)

i’ve come to learn that fondue is all about trial and error. are any of you experts or have any tips? do you have any preference for electric burners versus sterno flame burners? if you have a great recipe, this week’s contest on food52 is all about fondue. try your chances.

i better get back to work, but after my run today, i’m having a greys anatomy marathon and creative dinner with poor girl, rich food. post to come shortly after. πŸ™‚


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