desk plants

my desk is boring. ask any of my co-workers. my friend melissa would probably flip if she saw it. i basically have 2 jars of peanut butter, some granola, post it notes, a cardinals license plate, magazine holders (sans magazines), a tissue box and a desk calender.

basically, it’s got no spunk. i even had a picture frame without a picture on my desk for awhile. i’m not sure what is going through my head.

my co-worker lorelei finally dragged me to ikea last week because surprisingly, they have a great variety of desk plants at a really great price.

here’s the two little guys i chose. i fell in love.

they pear so well don’t you think? they are now my work children. i know i’m supposed to love them equally, but i think i like this little monster a little more. he’s just so furry and cute.

cheers to getting a little oxygen in my cramped office.

hope you’re having a great weekend. can’t wait to post about all the yummy food i’m having in portland. well, off to hike. πŸ™‚

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