birthday dinner #478759479

yes, people i celebrate birthday for like a whole week. it’s not all my doing though, i have a big family and lots of friends that like to feed me, and i have no qualms about it.

tonight i went to my moms for a homemade dinner, and of course, apple pie and cheddar cheese!

for an appetizer before our meal, my mom made fresh roasted red bell pepper hummus with pita triangles, carrots, celery and some of my tillamook cheese (white sharp cheddar). so delicious!!

we also enjoyed a few margaritas.

my mom tries to get creative with dinners at her house when i come over since i don’t eat meat besides seafood, so she decided on a few stuffed puff pastry options.

she thawed out puff pastry, then i helped roll them out onto a pan with flour and we cut them into 12 strips. for six, we added pre-cooked bacon, raw chicken and mozzarella. for the six others, we added a sauteed onion, mushroom and thyme mixon, raw cod (seasoned with lemon, salt and pepper) and another mixture of sauteed spinach, mushrooms, onions and lemon. we wrapped up the sides and popped them in the oven for about 20-25 minutes each or until they got golden brown. you can also beat an egg and brush it over the tops for a more golden crust.

they look like cute little hot pockets! she also made a very nutritious, veggie-packed rice pilaf with homemade vegetarian stock! she’s kind of the most thoughtful person ever.

i only had the seafood puff pastries (of course) and they turned out so great. i love lemon peared with fish. i believe all you need to season seafood if you’re in a hurry is lemon and some salt and pepper. but the mixture of the mushrooms, onion, spinach and garlic were great in these little hot pocket-type pastries. everyone said the chicken one was delish as well.

my mom also made her famous baked cauliflower. it’s crunchy and flavorful on the outside and super moist on the inside. double thumbs up!

obviously we had apple pie for dessert and some chocolate cupcakes with frosting and cute sugar flowers made by my mom’s friend julie. thanks!

and i’m super excited because my mom got me a high-tech panini maker! can you say “grilled cheese heaven?” πŸ™‚ you can also make waffles and omelettes on it. i’m curious to try them out. can’t wait to share my creations with you.

have an amazing friday pears. what are your plans this weekend?


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