crawling along

i am loving the workouts at optimal performance training so far, but man am i sore. the s.t.e.p. classes are designed for sports performance and focus on speed, agility, balance, strength, endurance and positive reinforcement. my legs are dead after last night’s workout.

i might need an epsom salt bath tonight.

as i crawl along today (i sure hope i feel better for upper body tomorrow!), i wanted to share a few things i love or find interesting right now.

1. love. love. loving the makers project. i have so much respect and admiration for these artists and small business owners. plus it makes me want to move to new york 10 times more.

2. mcweddings. yes people, now you can get married in mcdonald’s. i told my bridal friend that if her venue happens to burn down, at least she can fly to hong kong and have a cheers over milkshakes. bizarre.

3. wrong on so many levels, but this video about a baby crashing a bar is hilarious.

4. im addicted to snacking on almonds. and cheese.

5. i heart tina from carrotsncake. her blog posts are informative and so helpful to new healthy food bloggers like myself.

6. i recently got the newest catalog from free people and i’m loving everything, like this and this. my other favorite thing isn’t available online. hmm?

7. positive writing reinforcement. πŸ™‚

8. all things stuffed. bell peppers. mushrooms. raviolis. shells. you name it. (* post on my stuffed mushrooms from last night coming later today.)

9. drooling over these. i’ll have to make more soon. i heart vanilla-chai goodness.

10. this baby shower for cracking good is so flippin’ cute! one of my really great friends traci is having a baby so it’s great to get ideas.

oh, and i promise i’ll post my oregon food adventures tonight. it’s been quite the hectic few weeks getting back into the groove and i have hundreds of photos to sort through.


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