brew diaries: saint arnold

beer, here. if you’re a beer drinker like me, you love those two words that carry voice throughout a stadium. you love the tiniest bit of froth that gets left on your upper lip from a freshly poured draft beer. and you also love good craft beer from a brewery or microbrewery.

i’ve decided to add a little series on perfectley peared called “brew diaries.” i usually don’t splurge on a lot of things unless i’m on vacation or it’s an occassion, but when it comes to tasting a new beer, i’m bottoms up.

this past weekend while in houston, we went to the saint arnold brewery and went on a tour and a tasting. here’s the low-down:

the deal: a souvenier glass with 4 chips for 4 refills of your beer of choice and a tour. $7.

the place looked like a huge england pub you might see in the movies. the outside was all old red brick (love!!), there were tall ceilings, long wooden tables and endless amounts of beer. guests are welcome to bring games and food to munch on during the tour.

the beer: i started out with the saint arnold elissa ipa. i really like my hoppy beers, so this was the perfect way to start the tasting. then i got into the saint arnold texas wheat which was frothy and had the perfect haze. definitely a filling beer. my third taste was a saint arnold amber beer, which was a little hoppy and had a perfect carmel color. it kind of left an after taste though. i finished the day with a saint arnold fancy lawnmower, which was light, crisp and citrusy. i have to say, my favorite was probably the texas wheat. love me a frothy beer.

drawback: the tasting and tour was very short. the glasses were small, but you only had an hour and 15 minutes to drink (which was a lot for me to drink), go on the tour and then leave. we were actually told they were cleaning up and that we had to leave after we were still hanging around chatting. not cool, man.

overall, it was a cute place and i loved the beer. i’d definitely make a trip here again. we were even chatting about how it would be a great space to rent out and have a celebration.


2 thoughts on “brew diaries: saint arnold

    • ashley says:

      love you too lady! πŸ™‚ we need to make an ex-good egg girls trip again!! guess we have shelby’s bachelorette that will include most of us! lol.

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