arizona blogger meetup pt. 1

morning pears!

wondering what to have for breakfast? i vote pancakes. i’ve had a pancake craving the past few weeks and i got my fill on saturday morning. bittina and i made gluten-free oatmeal pancakes with smashed banana, coconut and flaxseed.

we also added a little sugar in the raw, one egg, some cottage cheese and a little cinnamon (which actually went a long way). the cooking process was a little sketchy, but the end result was yummy-rific. we accompanied it with some cantaloupe from our bountiful basket, xtreme bean coffee, orange juice and all-natural syrup.

along with getting a bountiful basket and making breakfast with bittina, we both attended the arizona blogger meetup in downtown phoenix.

it was such a gorgeous day and i met some really amazing, fun, and stylish ladies! there were so many in attendance too! props to kelsey (my long lost friend from high school!), danielle and chelsea for organizing everything!

(fyi: i’ll totally help plan a dinner next meetup!)

here are some photos of the day! we started at phoenix civic space park and got some coffee at fair trade cafe – my americano was delicious.

then we walked over to the phoenix public market, which i’ve been wanting to check out forever! it looked super cute, but was in the closing stages for the day so we only got to see and sample a few things.

i love when i’m not the only crazy nerd obsessively taking pictures at a place. πŸ™‚

then we walked over to mercantile and vintage by misty – two super cute vintage thrift shops on central. they are so affordable too.

and the adventures continued from there…


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