arizona blogger meetup pt.2

…continuing on the arizona blogger meetup adventure (read pt.1 here):

after the thrift shops we chatted and walked our way down to made art boutique.

it’s such a cute store! they have a ton of books, jewelery, paintings, and kitchen stuff, including food props. bittina and i were drooling – and they were on sale.

we went to sit and relax at a coffee shop next door and i was excited to find they have crepes! i’ve been dying for another after i had one in houston. i can taste it now.

we then walked to the growop in phoenix. this was probably my favorite stop of the day.

they had the cutest little store inside with clothes and knick-knacks. i want them all.

growing life was everywhere. i really want to move into this place! 🙂

then, we made our own planter boxes out of used wood pallets. we planted succulents.

scott was a great teacher! we also made crafts from flowers. i made a bracelet.

i really, really love this place and plan to come back and take the boy. he’ll love it too.

bittina and i also went next door to butter toast, another super cute vintage shop. i think i liked this one the best. bittina got a cute top and i got a dress. i heart it (even though the boy says it looks like a purity dress, i don’t care).

all in all, it was really an amazing day and i’m happy i’ve met some local bloggers!

happy wednesday!


2 thoughts on “arizona blogger meetup pt.2

  1. Tiffany says:

    Aw, you are lucky you got to go to the meetup! I totally would have done this if I knew someone else that was going. Maybe I can catch it next time I’m back in Phoenix.

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