brew diaries: terrapin

if you ever venture down to the south,Β  you have to go to the terrapin beer co. in athens, georgia. first off, the city of the dawgs is gorgeous. i fell so much in love with this hippie town. it’s sort of like a mini-portland with it’s microbreweries, vintage thrift shops, indie bars, and coffee shops. it makes you feel at home.

while there, my friend lisa (who guest post about homemade granola) and brianne ventured upon terrapin to do a beer tasting.

the deal: a souvenir glass for $10, allowing you to taste all the beers on tap. πŸ™‚ great deal because the glasses were normal size.

the place was super cute. we started out in the shop browsing through all the beer-related memorabilia, then worked out way towards the tour and tasting room. the tour was actually super short, but the tasting room was in a huge chamber area where you could see all the barrels of beer.

the beer: sadly, i don’t remember a lot of the beers that we tasted. it has been about exactly a year ago now, but i do remember we talked about this place for weeks after. the one i do remember is the sunray wheat beer. maybe because i like the wheat ones? but also maybe because it’s aroma was so great and it was so frothy and sort of honey tasting.

the best part was that the service was really great. there was also a live band playing (and playing country at that!) that kept us really entertained. we love terrapin so much we decided to keep it local the rest of the night and order that beer when we went out on the town to celebrate tour de athens.

and i’m so excited to announce that lisa is coming to arizona in may!!! πŸ™‚ sound the alarms! she has family here and luckily i’ll get some time to veg with with my fellow pescatarian/runner/curly haired soul mate! woop.

oh and p.s. in case you were wondering about that scar on my face, it’s all healed. just a little stumble way back when. πŸ™‚

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