pat’s run

hey pears! it’s finally friday – and i have another jam-packed weekend.

i’m getting ready to run pat’s run this weekend. it’s truly an inspiring, fun race and i love participating each year (missed last year because i was in b’ham). they say there will be about 25,000 people there this year! that’s so great!

(picture circa 2009 with friends angie and traci)

and the shirts are always so awesome. woop woop! i’m hoping to make the 4.2 miles in 32 minutes or less. trying to pr. but, i don’t necessarily feel prepared and i kind of have jitters. what are your pre-race nerve calming tips?

p.s. new song for the playlist:

i can’t wait for my breakfast before the race though. i’m such a creature of habit. i always have a whole grain bagel with peanut butter (preferably crunchy) and sliced banana on top. and 8 oz of coffee. šŸ™‚

want to know a few more fitness events happening this weekend? check out my list via my good living blog on


2 thoughts on “pat’s run

  1. Lisa D says:

    Good Luck!!! I’m SURE you’ll be amazing! I’m very jealous, although I have slowly started going back to the gym (my PT told me 10 mins tops on the elliptical…I did 20 and got in trouble hahaha).

    • ashley says:

      Hey now! You’re never going to get better! Haha – I’m sure you fill anxious and trapped though. Start doing yoga, ya?

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