a perfectley peared confession

i’m afraid of the dark. not gonna lie.

(p.s. did anyone used to watch that show?! i did. guess i was a brave kid).

and i can’t watch scary movies without waking up screaming in the middle of my sleep (the boy can testify to this).

and last night, i got up to go to the bathroom and walked out and jumped back from my purse rack in the room, thinking it was somebody not supposed to be there.

basically, i’m a wuss and i’m proud of it. πŸ˜‰

i just need more confidence, so luckily there are classes aimed towards self defense for women. my mom signed us up for a class years ago and i loved it. check out my nike women article about the class here. since then, i’ve taken kickboxing and i have a groupon to use for boxing.

(and according to this picture, maybe i’m a wuss and a little cheesey :))

are you afraid of anything? i won’t judge.

p.s. i have a super yummy, healthy, perfect pearing for you on tomorrow’s post.

p.s.s. if you haven’t signed up for the “she runs la” 10k held today and tomorrow, you should! πŸ™‚ be apart of something bigger ladies. the run benefits “students run la,” which provides access to the sport of running to at-risk youth in the los angeles community. while we’re not in la, it’s still nice to support a neighbor city. and the best part? you can do it anywhere and anytime you want in between 4pm today (april 27) and 4pm tomorrow (april 28).


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