garden update

happy monday! πŸ™‚ how was your weekend?

first off, our softball league has the best team ever! it was so much fun and our captian, willie, made up a schedule for each game and each inning. so organized!

i liked first base the best. and everyone played great – but we still lost both games. first by 1 and the second by….well i won’t say. but i swear, they weren’t a “c” league team!

the boy in the dugout. he unfortunately tripped and scraped his leg, but it’s getting better.

i also went to a new place for lunch this weekend in downtown phoenix with a few girlfriends call bliss/rebar. it’s not necessarily, new but it was to me. it’s super cute and i got the most amazing grilled eggplant sandwich on a pretzel bun (!!). definitely going to have to try to recreate it. (sorry no picture).

annd look at my bell pepper?! how cute is the little fella? i find myself talking to him….

and the craziest thing? i snapped this picture saturday morning, and when i looked at it again yesterday afternoon, it was so much bigger! and more were sprouting up. plant life is so fascinating and exciting. πŸ™‚ i’ll show a picture again soon.

we’re getting so many tomatoes too.

and my eggplants are sprouting flowers. hope something starts growing soon!

annnd i might get a compost today. well, we’ve had one but our container wasn’t working right. you need to keep churning it and keep it moist, yet dry at the same time. it’s quite the process. i’ll snap some pictures of the winner and post soon. hopefully we’ll have some great soil to work with in the future.

have a great day! i’m busy, busy! my mom’s birthday is tomorrow and i’m coming up with a greek menu. πŸ™‚ can’t wait to share.

p.s. i seriously heart this website. my dad has some classic photos that i plan to send in. πŸ˜‰


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