5 foods that make me tick right now

hey pears. hope you’re having a productive tuesday! i sure am, tons of writing to do. 🙂

initially when i started writing this post, i titled it: ‘5 things that make me tick.’ but then realized that all of the things i named were foods. do i have issues? (don’t answer that question.)

if i could add a 6th it would be running for sure. i guess i’m just always hungry right now.

so, here it goes.

1. coffee.
and not just coffee, but french press coffee. i really heart this video by sprouted kitchen.

2. spicy red bell pepper hummus.
i’m a dipper and what better thing to dip in than hummus – spicy red bell pepper hummus to be exact. i’ll share my “perfect bite” with you guys. take a cucumber slice, add some spicy red bell pepper hummus, then a knotted pretzel on top and bam! deliciousness. 🙂

3. grapefruits.
i’ve had one for breakfast everyday this week and part of last week. i just add one packet of splenda to each half and i’m set.

i have such great memories of my mom eating them in the kitchen from a little cereal bowl, carefully cutting around the edges of each triangle pocket to get the whole thing. whilst eating my bowl of cocoa puffs, i’d wonder why she wanted something so tart and healthy in the morning – now i see the light.

(oh by the way, it’s my mom’s birthday today!! happy birthday mom, i love you!)

4. pretzels.
i’ve already praised how i like them with strawberries in a salad, but let me preview how else i like them.

-with hummus
-with ice cream
-with chocolate
-with cheese
-with chocolate
-with salsa (don’t judge until you try it)
-with cream cheese
-with chocolate.

what do you eat pretzels with? i’m open to suggestions...

5. cheese.

this one will always be here to stay. ya’ll know my love and obsession with it. i’ll take it plain, creamy, smoked, crumbly, spicy, burnt, gooey, sharp – you name it.

most of these things are more “snack” foods, then actual meals, but i’m okay with that. i like to have a lot of snacky things make up my meal. 🙂 kind of like an appetizer platter.

me thinks it’s lunch time.

p.s. check out these fitness events around town this weekend via my azcentral.com blog, good living. anyone want to join in on the dirty 6 with me, stewart and laura saturday?


3 thoughts on “5 foods that make me tick right now

  1. Danielle says:

    i love pretzels too…and thought i was the only one who dipped them in my hummus! 🙂 soul sisters!

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