dirty 6 mud run and pomegranate cafe

on saturday, my co-worker stewart and his girlfriend, and my friend, laura, decided to participate in the dirty 6 mud run. so, so much fun.

laura and i ended up signing up for just the 3-mile race and stewart did the 6-mile. the race was slightly unorganized, but that made for a pretty chill race. despite that, laura and i were still nervous. we’d never done a mud run before and weren’t sure what to expect.

when our wave came up, we started running towards a fire truck that was spewing tons of water. it was getting hot so i welcomed it, but got completely soaked.

at this point, so many people stopped running. it was surprising to me to see so many people at different different physical fitness levels. it was awesome too – i love that people didn’t care what level they were at – they just wanted to get dirty and muddy, and get a workout in at the same time.

the second obstacle was to climb a mud wall-thingy and then slide into a huge mud pit and do it all over again three times. people were cannon balling in the pits and splashing. it was super funny. after i got out though, i was so heavy from the mud.

note to self: don’t wear cotton next time.

we also did a fence climb and walked over logs and we actually did a lot of running – and on dirt trails! and i love dirt trail running. πŸ™‚

sadly, we didn’t get any pictures!! and my pics from the organization weren’t great either. it’s just me at the start line. laaame. and i didn’t know the race offered gear check and i didn’t want to risk ruining my camera. next race in the fall, i’ll be more prepared. and laura and i are going to do the 6-miler.

after the race though, we headed to pomegranate cafe – where i’ve been craving to go for sooo long. i had heard so many great things about the place. they offer so many vegan and vegetarian options, it’s amazing.
laura and i both got an avocado, egg and cheese sandwich on an amazing, fresh baguette and we got a side of tempeh bacon to share on the side. i was happy it didn’t really taste like bacon, because i don’t like that taste, but it was super good. πŸ™‚

i also got some tasty pomegranate green tea on the side. i can’t wait to go back!!

happy wednesday!! half-way through the week.

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