what’s for breakfast

happy thursday! we’ve had suuuch amazing weather here in arizona the past week! cloudy, windy, light rain, cool temperatures. gorgeous. reminds me of california.

which also reminds me that i’ll be in cali one week from today with a group of amazing girls for a bachelorette! 🙂 we have the cutest beach house and have some fun adventures – and food – planned! can’t wait to share.

you all know my obsession with peanut butter by now. or you should know by now. 😉 so i thought i’d share with you my breakfast.

it’s a staple for me. it’s oatmeal with crunchy peanut butter mixed in (!!). heart be still.

and i love eating things in coffee mugs. what say you?


5 thoughts on “what’s for breakfast

  1. spiritofnsa says:

    Hmmm…I’ve never had oatmeal with peanut butter mixed in, but it sounds delicious! I’m gonna have to try it!

  2. Carrie Rosalind says:

    Oops…accidentally posted my last comment under a work account!

    I’ve never tried peanut butter in my outmeal before, but it sounds delicious! I’m going to have to try it! 🙂

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