dilly’s deli + mamma mia

last night, my mom, two of my sisters, and a few of my mom’s co-workers went to see mamma mia at asu’s gammage theatre. but before that, we went to dilly’s deli.

it was deliciousness! i always get the buena bella with roasted mushrooms, cucumber, onions, sprouts and more. i also had a corn and green chili bisque in a bread bowl.

corn and green chili is seriously the perfect pear ever! mhh it reminds me of a really yummy corn bread recipe with those ingredients. πŸ™‚ recipe to come soon.

best part of the night was after the 2.5 hour play, we get in the car and my mom says “i think i have my abba cd in here somewhere.” my respsonse: “nooooo.” haha. it was a great play, but i had had enough of abba. πŸ˜‰

well, we’ve had a water incident in our house so we’re off to fix it and try to get ready for the wedding! happy friday.


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