eggplant, feathers and a run

happy friday! what do you guys have planned this weekend?

i’ve got a wedding tonight and i plan to lay out, get an oil change and car wash, and shop for the bachelorette in california next weekend. 🙂

i know my title is pretty random today, but i have a lot to share with you. first, my plants.

look how big my eggplant is getting?! there are a ton of them cropping up and growing too.

i’m so very excited. and our tomatoes are getting red and ripe! 🙂 we’re in the process of making the compost (!). it’s looking great! should be finished today so i’ll get an update shortly. we’re also planting indoor herbs today too. hello seasonings!

i’ve also been so busy lately, but i’ve made time to get in a few 2-3 mile runs. wanted to share this sunrise that i saw the other day.

since i don’t have as long to run distances, i’m trying to run fast miles. this 2-miles breaks down to about 8:11 a min. mile. getting there. 🙂

another new update: i got my feather put back in my hair.

it seems to fall out pretty quickly. it stayed in for about 3 weeks, then got loose and i was able to gently pull it out and keep it. luckily my friend does hair and can pop it right in. 🙂

welp, off to finish some work, then it’s off to lunch with the boy. i’ll explain where later. 🙂


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