case of the mondays

hey pears. ever get a case of the mondays? i’ve been pretty out of it all weekend. so, i’ll leave you with a few things that make me happy.

happy list:

starbucks skinny caramel machiatto’s with extra carmel.mmmhhh

i wish they had these moccasins in adult sizes!

this song. ❀

i used to carry my grandma’s clipboards everywhere and write my to-do lists. even as a small child. guess that’s where my ocd started. i need this clipboard though!

(via oh the lovely things)

the fact that i’m going to be staying here this weekend with 13 lovely ladies for a hen do (as they call bachelorettes in europe)!

also the fact that my soul mate in ny (lisa!!) is coming and i’ll see her in one week!

that’s my happy list today. haha see i tend to make lots of lists.

buuuut i also have some special eats coming to you soon. πŸ™‚ have a good day.

Posted in: fun

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