cake flowers + wine

happy tuesday!! hope you’re having a great day. mine is 9838432947398 times better than this past weekend. 🙂

last night i went to bittina’s house to catch up on her alaska adventures, drink some wine, eat some pasta, watch the grey’s anatomy finale (which was disappointing) and make some cake flowers. and flower making with wine is a must. 😉

bittina has taken the wilton cake class series that michaels offers and is even going to start teaching next thursday! sign up people. location is on chandler blvd and the 101. 🙂

i have some decoration tools, but she’s stocked so she taught me how to make a variety of flowers and leaves. so fun and so cute. annnd delicious! they dry up perfectly though to decorate a cake. it’s for a high school graduation party on wednesday.

i’m finishing the rest tonight so wait for the recipe!!

p.s. i’m gawking over jenna’s shrimp taco’s today and it’s on my menu for next week – with a few modifications – and maybe some spanish rice. drool.

have a great day!


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