lemon + orange + strawberry frosting cake

happy wednesday pears! half-way through the week and 2 more days until i’m heading to california! man, i definitely need a get-away.

sooo, last night i finished the rest of the graduation cake. i made a 4-layer cake, with lemon as 2 layers and orange as 2 layers and then made a strawberry cream cheese frosting.

so delicious and refreshing! i ate so much of the batter and frosting by indulging tasting.

i was a little disappointed though because i feel like the frosting was a bit too runny and needed more structure (aka –Β  more powdered sugar). but, we make do right? cutting each cake into individual layers was a little difficult too, but interesting to try. my mom always made it look so easy! she’s such an amazing baker (apple pies!!) and cake decorator.

i love my flowers though and got some cute pearl sugar balls to help accessorize the cake more. i also had tons of leftover cake, so i decided to make some cake bites. πŸ˜‰

congrats lauren and happy graduation!! my little sister melissa is graduating too from red mountain high school, but she didn’t even want a party – or a cake (sad day)! she’s just going out with friends – oh to be young again. πŸ˜‰ congrats to you too little one!

i also made homemade fish sticks last night that turned out so healthy and appetizing! i’ll be sharing that later today! nom, nom. πŸ™‚


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