lisa + me + food + running = alabama soul mates

heeeey. how is your day going?

i have to say, i only got to see my friend lisa for less than 24 hours this past week, but it was such a blasty-blast! non-stop chatting to say the least!

we hung out in the evening with a few beers and wine, then woke up and went on a great 2-mile loop around my house! it was seriously the best to have my running partner back!

then we went about laying out in the sun and making some breakfast pizza’s that she’s been dying to try. we used whole wheat dough, white cheddar cheese, a mexican cheese, scallions from my dads garden, a bell pepper from our garden, tomatoes and an egg.


they were so great! then we got ready and headed towards tempe so i could show her around mill avenue. we stopped by four peaks brewery for some peach beer (brew diary to come soon) and some thai hummus dip!

we also stopped at z’tejas for a few margaritas and chips and salsa and then i had to drop lisa back off with her dad so she could go to the airport! bittersweet, but so happy i got to see her. i’ll be heading to new york in october so i can’t wait to see her again and explore the city!

happy friday!

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