guy fieri food show

happy wednesday! almost to the weekend – which for me is filled with softball, wedding shenanagins and the pool.

for now, i have a fun event to tell you about! i went to the guy fieri food show last night with the boy. it was so much fun. the boy’s mom bought us tickets as a surprise because we both love guy and his show diners, drive-ins and dives. he features such amazing food!

before the show, we stopped by pete’s fish & chips – not so healthy, but a childhood favorite. i hadn’t been there in years because i’m never close by, but we decided this would be the perfect occasion. guy should totally go there next time he’s in town.

we got fish, crab, onion rings and tons of fries (“chips”)! and the sauce is pure magic people, pure magic. i could drink it. πŸ˜‰ the boy also felt the need to get a burrito. we were definitely on a roll – and needed to be rolled away after our feast!

the show featured a bartender, Hayden “woody” wood and guy and a few other chefs who cooked, made cocktails and cracked jokes.

also, has anyone seen minute to win it?Β it’s a game show where the concept is to complete an obstacle or task in a minute or less and you get a prize.Β guy just happens to host that show as well so he brought his 13-year-old son on stage and had him choose audience members to bring up for a minute to win it challenge.

i totally got chosen!!

sorry for the poor quality of photos. we didn’t have a camera with us all night so had to resort to our phones! the challenge was to take an oreo and place it on your forehead and slowly move it down your face so it falls into your mouth. you had to get two. sadly, i didn’t even get one. but it was a fun experience.

i did get this though.

a shirt and a wii game that i’m going to give my little brother. such a fun night.

thanks nancy!

have a great day!



3 thoughts on “guy fieri food show

  1. scrapscribe says:

    Haha, cool! I’ve seen that cookie game on an episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos and proceeded to play it at a group movie-night with friends. Soooo funny to watch! Also, mmmm, onion rings. Gah I love onion rings. Though not sure if they’d go with the coffee I’m having right now… lol!

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