brew diaries – four peaks brewery

if you ever visit arizona, one place you must go is four peaks brewery. it’s probably my favorite place to eat, mingle and drink some peach beer. yes, i said peach beer. šŸ™‚

it’s right in the heart of tempe, arizona’s college town for arizona state university. and is the perfect place to hang on the patio with friends, food, a sports game and some beer.

i’m obviously obsessed with the slightly sweet taste of the peach ale, but i also love a few others, like the hop knot. you might know now that i love hoppy beer, so this was a perfect pear for me! it leaves just the right amount of aftertaste, making me want more (good thing or bad thing?). they have a really great, strong hefeweizen and a sort of bittery, but delicious brew called 8th street ale.

there is also a pear cider beer that i do not like, but my friend marette adores it so i’ll accept it – and her.

food-wise: please, please order the thai hummus dip, spinach and artichoke dip and beer bread. you’ll thank me. šŸ˜‰

it’s an all-around great place to go check out. it’s family-friendly, but stays open super late for those celebrating or partying the night away. my friends and i go there all the time for birthdays. and like i said: try. the. peach. beer!

that is all.


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