Shelby’s bridal shower

Happy Friday! Any fun weekend plans?

So, I finally have a little recap of one of my best friend’s bridal shower from this past Saturday. It was such an amazing fun day! 🙂 I’m so happy to be her friend and a part of her wedding and can’t wait for her wedding. 🙂

We had quite the spread and we pretty much have COSTCO to thank (the boy will love that – he works there). We tried to make the shower as simple, but cute as possible.

Shelby’s soon-to-be mother-in-law owns The Gilbert House in Gilbert so we decided to host the shower there.

We had chicken salad, a fruit salad, veggie tray, spinach and jalapeno dip, shrimp platter, artichoke dip, pasta salad, wine, vodka lemonade and a candy bar.

We ordered 3 dozen cupcakes from TopIt Cupcakes in Gilbert and they went so fast! I didn’t even get a bite of the salted caramel one I picked out! At least everyone enjoyed them though. 🙂 I barely had time to get a picture!

Everyone was asked to bring a bling-bling brooch or ring for Shelby’s brooch bouquet she’s going to walk down the isle with. 🙂 Super cute.

And all us bridesmaids ordered this hanger for her. I found it on etsy and was soo excited for the photo ops!

Here are a few more pics from the day.

Shanda picking up all the trash. 😉 And us goofing around laughing – we were delirious.

Kristen came up with a pretty funny game where Garrett showed up and he and Shelby had to answer questions and decide who did things more, better? My fave?

Who was more popular in high school? 🙂

All of us bridesmaids with Shelby!

Then we all went out after for more drinks and ended up jumping off a roof into a pool at an old friend’s house. Fun day and night!!

We also got our dresses, which I was so relieved that mine fit! I thought I had gotten it too small.

AND, we’re off to San Diego for her bachelorette this Labor Day weekend! I’m so excited!! So, I may not post for a few days, but think of me on the beach! I promise I won’t be having too much fun. 😉

Happy Friday!!



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