Need your thoughts today

Hello there pears. I wanted to reach out to the blog world to get some support for my step-mom Jane. She’s undergoing her 5th surgery for brain cancer. She’s probably one of the bravest people I’ve seen in this type of situation. She’s amazing.

I remember it so clearly – the day she first got sick. It was really late on a weekday in summer 2002 and Jane was feeling ill, getting extreme headaches and was vomiting. My dad took her to the hospital, then came back and asked my older sister Christina and I to watch our younger sisters, Melissa and Breanna. Jane had a brain tumor, needed emergency surgery and that he’d be home when he can.

I immediately went to my comfort zone when I get upset. The shower. I raced in, turned the water on and started bawling. I’ll never forget that scary, anxious feeling. I think I was in there for a good while before I came out, pruney and red-faced.

The tumor was on her right side and the doctor’s took out as much as they could without damaging her brain. Since then, Jane has gone through radiation, chemotherapy pills, countless MRI’s, CT’s and more. The tumor grew a few times, resulting in a few more surgeries to remove the growth (two occurrences came about on the same day – July 7 – in two years).

Now she’ll be having her 5th surgery. Her recent MRI showed something abnormal on the left side of her brain. It could either be damage from radiation, blood build-up or it could mean the tumor has spread to the other side. While it remained neutral and showed no signs of growth on the right side, they had to go in to the left today.

She’s super strong and takes everything as it comes. I would just love some thoughts, prayers, smiles – anything for her today. πŸ™‚ Thank you guys! ❀


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