Save America’s Postal Service

My mom has been working with the post office for over 20 years. While it wasn’t her first choice for a job, it’s something that’s kept food on the table and clothes on our backs. She’s such a hard worker and she is so creative. She aspires to someday go back to school to become a nurse. For the time being, the Post Office and it’s amazing employees keeps her going. Unfortunately, they are having cutbacks and are trying to get rid of Saturday mail service, which would take away thousands of jobs across the country – starting at the senior level.

They urge Congress to take bill 1351 to the “hill” and keep the U.S. Postal Service running.

They’ve been apart of our society for years and I think we would really realize how much we need them and appreciate them if they were gone. Kind of like an ex sometimes.

Here are some more pictures of the rally. It had an amazing turn out with hundreds of people in attendance. Everything was friendly, except for the Chick-fila manager throwing a tantrum about people walking in his rocks or through his parking lot. Who eats chicken though anyways, right? 😉

Happy Thursday!


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