Tempe Mayor’s Ironman Media Challenge

Happy Thursday ya’ll! This morning, I participated in the Tempe Mayor’s Ironman Media Challenge. In honor of the Ironman being held in Tempe, Arizona this coming Sunday, the Mayor of Tempe, Hugh Hallman, holds a media challenge. It’s only 1/100th of an Ironman, but it gives you just enough flavor to have fun and still work hard.

I borrowed a wet suit from a co-worker and Landis Cyclery provided beach cruisers and helmets. I was advised by my fellow participants to wear my helmet and shoes during the swim because there would be no time for transitions – not that I know how transitions work in the first place. The water was freezing! But, we only had to swim 24 yards. πŸ™‚ We then hopped on a bike and rode 1.4 miles and then ran 25 yards. When you’re soaking wet and it’s cold outside, it’s hard to keep your muscles warm so they were in a little pain.

But, I made it and wasn’t last! πŸ™‚ AND, I almost beat the mayor. Almost.

The winner got $2000 to donate to their charity of choice. And this year, the mayor decided that each participant (15 total) got to donate $200 to their charity of choice. I donated mine to UMOM New Day Centers. πŸ™‚ It was a really great experience.

Here are all the Republic participants! πŸ™‚

I could definitely use my foam roll right about now!

Have you done an Ironman? I’m considering a sprint triathlon soon, but I hear bikes are expensive. So, we’ll see. For now, I’ll stick to my half marathon this weekend.


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