Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference 2012!

I’ve had the biggest passion for running since I was young. I used to do the “fun runs” after school in elementary school and pass all the boys. 🙂 Then I’d buy them a snow cone to make up for it. I moved on to junior high cross country and track, and high school. I love being a part of a team, watching other people succeed and having a coach guide me to my goals. I definitely miss it.

Now, I train and compete in races and challenges mostly by myself. My training runs and workouts have no rhyme or reason to them, I just pick a distance or interval and go for it. It’s largely because I don’t have a huge amount of people who are interested (what? you think it’s crazy to want to run 13.1 miles too?) or know a lot about running. A large reason I started blogging was to help me join a healthy food and fitness community and develop relationships – and ultimately – find some running (and just plain workout) enthusiasts like me!

I think it’s high time I take the next step and register for a blog conference. The 2012 Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference held June 22-24 in Denver, Colorado seems like an amazing opportunity! I think I’d find a lot of like-minded people and would learn so much new stuff about the health industry right now.

Check out the agenda here. I love all the breakouts for fitness.

The event is sponsored by the American Milk Processor’s Refuel with Chocolate Milk campaign, a post-workout recovery drink that’s chocolate milk! The boy and I went running yesterday and he had a huge glass of milk after and I thought to myself, milk is so refreshing and it has great proteins for recovery after a workout. And this company was a step ahead by adding the chocolate. Delicious!

I really hope I can get the FHBC and FitFluential partnership scholarship to the conference, but if anything, I’ve learned about a new health and fitness community that I’ve joined and can’t wait to learn more about! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference 2012!

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