New York City – Part 2 (Engaged!)

Continuing on with our New York adventure:

So, after Brooklyn, the boy and I went to the Empire State building for some sightseeing. He and Lisa were insisting we go. Should have been suspicious to me, but I was oblivious. I’d been there before at night, but never during the day, so I was game.

It was super cold and so windy, but just gorgeous! I love looking out at the buildings.

Holy hair below!

Then….the boy started acting weird. Moving around to different areas really fast and not really enjoying the view. Nervous Nelly, I suppose. We ended up cuddling up in a corner in his big jacket and looking out at NYC. I was a perfect, tender moment. He took advantage and said what was on his mind (so sweet) and then asked me to marry him! πŸ™‚

We didn’t get any pictures after because I was just crying for about 20 minutes after. Typical of me. Lisa was going out of her mind, though, so we said we were on our way and made phone calls to our families. Lisa, the fiance (!!) and I went out for dinner and drinks after to this little pub down the street from Lisa.

Was a memorable evening/night. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to recap the rest of our trip. The boy was definitely less stressed out and anxious.

And please disregard my wrinkly hands.



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