A long time coming

Well, hello!

I have SO much stuff I’ve wanted to post that’s been going on and it just keeps adding up. Nicole’s bridal shower, bachelorette and wedding! The Arizona Blogger’s Conference, random food posts! Everything.

SO, I’m going to give you snippets of some things in this post and also make another post for a few other events. Enjoy!

Mustaches and fun sunglasses by the pool with my friend Rhonda.

A ‘lineman’ cake I made for the boy. He graduated from an Electrical Utility Technician program and is looking to work on power lines. 🙂 Smart kid, I tell ya.

Look at the cute little graduate!! 🙂

Lunges in the middle of a run along Tempe Town Lake.

My first Birchbox!!! SO excited to get more of these!! 🙂

My little sister is a sophomore at Red Mountain High School in Mesa and pitches for the softball team and they won their state championships on Monday! 🙂 So proud of her!

P.s. Guess what I tried yesterday? Aerial Fitness!

Recap on the workout soon. I.am.so.sore.


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