Fitness mix-up

It’s Friday. 🙂 Here are a little words of wisdom from a pretty smart guy.

So, lately I’ve been trying to mix things up a little with my fitness routine. It’s been so hot here in Arizona and I’ve been really busy with my work schedule, planning things and dog sitting that I’ve become a little less than motivated to workout.

I usually just run and while I adore it, I need some variety in my life. 🙂 So, I’ve been hiking like a mad woman lately. I’ve gone to Usery Mountain at least once a week and have started venturing to Camelback Mountain some mornings. It’s so nice to see the sunrise.

I’ve also tried squeezing in some bleacher and track workouts on some mornings. I’ll run 300 meters and then do a bleacher rounds I usually do about 1-2 miles of that rotation.

But, the most fun thing that I’ve been doing lately is the Road Runner Sports Third Thursday Adventure Run, which I did last night. Stacey and I have been doing them for months now. It’s such a fun activity and an added bonus is that it’s completely free! The main idea is that you run to certain appointed locations to get raffle tickets for prizes. If you have a Third Thursday Adventure Run shirt, you get double the raffle tickets at each location. Also, if you try on shoes or a Garmin during the run, you also get extra tickets.

You can register online here (get a free beer ticket) or you can register on-site. When you arrive you receive a pen and paper to write down the ticket locations, which are not announced until the event starts. They drop down a huge map of the locations. They also send out an email with a GPS map for those with smart phones. It worked great for us.

In July, we went to Big Surf and got to go down a water slide! It was really fun.

Last night, we ventured to The Hive, where they gave us our tickets and a free shot of aloe juice. It was really refreshing! Danny’s Family Car Wash and Thirsty Lion are among the usual places to get tickets, too. After the hour is up, you head back and divide your tickets up, grab a beer and a fresh Fuze drink and relax while they call out the prize numbers.

The beer provided is from one of my favorite breweries: Deschutes Brewery.

They give away free shoes, training memberships, drinks, Garmin’s, restaurant gift cards and so much more! They even have a dance-off for a free pair of shoes.

Word of the wise: Bring water! There are no water stops along the route.

I also have a Living Social deals for Tough Lotus Aerial Fitness and Sumits Yoga (hot yoga), which I’ve been using. 🙂

Next on my list: CrossFit, Synchronized swimming (they have a cool bootcamp class) and maybe this Shake Weight class. You heard me right: Shake Weight class.

Also, check out this article for more unique workouts:

That’s about it, friends. What new fitness ventures have you started? I’d love to hear.

Have a fabulous weekend. 🙂


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