Running in the cold (and possibly snow)

Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going well. Did everyone purchase their Powerball tickets yet? 🙂 There’s quite a lot in the pot.

So, my good friend and running partner Lisa emailed me this morning:

“NYRR Manhattan Half-Marathon!

Any interest??  Might be a snowy run :)”

My first reaction was: “Yes! I’ve been dying for a new fitness goal, especially in New York.”

My second reaction was: “That’s snow they’re running next to in that picture.”

Not only that, but the course info says:

“The course is tough—two laps of Central Park adds up to a lot of hills—so some long-race experience and hill training are advisable.”

It’s an inexpensive race, though, so I’m leaning towards just sucking it up and jumping right in.

That being said, I’ve been researching tips for running in the cold. Runner’s World has a great list of 10 tips here. They recommend:

“To keep warmth in and slush out, run in shoes that have the least amount of mesh.”

The only problem for me is that I like running in my Nike Free shoes and they’re pretty thin. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to keep warm with them? Thicker socks or should I try a different brand for the cold runs? I’d love your thoughts!

I wish everything looked this easy and fun in the snow. 🙂


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