Holiday Gift Guide #1 – For runners

Happy 12/12/12! My best friend pointed this date out yesterday, and we both agreed that it probably meant that everyone was going to have an amazing day. πŸ™‚


If you’re running out of ideas for that runner in your life, I’ve got a great list of gift ideas for you. (And yes, I wrote that sentence on purpose :).)

Runners may not seem like it, but we need a lot to make the magic happen. Timers, heart monitors, shoes, the right socks, headphones. The same goes for those who love Zumba, yoga, spin class, or CrossFit (I’ll get to those on Friday, and then the food lover’s guide will come next week).

Hope these options help narrow down your search!

Holiday Gift Guide – For runners:

tuneband1. Tuneband Armband for Iphone – I have the pink one and love it. It doesn’t move around when you’re running or lifting weights, and it’s open so you can easily change songs or check your texts or emails, if you dare.

race bib holder

2. Race bib holder – Because we like to remember our races, miles, and dates.

chevron bicband

3. BIC bands – To help hold back my fro your hair. I love all the colors, designs, and different widths.

wake up and run mug

4. Wake up and run coffee mug – For those runners who need a little extra motivation to hit the pavement in the morning. I actually think an 8oz coffee is the perfect thing to get me going before a race or training run.

runner hanger5. Race medals metal hanger – A runner’s version of a trophy rack. There are all kinds of varieties: “13.1” – “26.2” – “Runner girl.” I gave one to a close friend of mine a few years back after she completed her first marathon and she loved it.

gap capri

6. GapFit gFast capris – I love these pants. They are super light and comfy, but still very supportive. And, they have a cute little zipper pocket in the back for keys, chapstick (a must for me when running, and life in general) or money. I wish I had 10 pairs of them!

compression socks7. Compression socks – If you have shin splints, need help recovering from a race or workout, or just want to look super cool, try compression socks. I’d choose the hot pink. πŸ™‚

nike free8. Nike Free 3.0 or 4.0 shoes – I go back and forth with my shoes. In high school, during my track & field and cross country days, I swore by Asics. They fit me well and were extremely supportive. My running style and habits have changed. In recent years, I’ve been rocking the Nike Free 3.0 (4.0’s are great, too). I like how light they are and, it might sound weird, but I like to feel the pavement on the bottom of my feet. It’s therapeutic in a way. I know my running style will change again, but I’d highly recommend these two brands.

foam roller9. Foam roller – This will save your life. It may hurt, but it hurts so, so good. It helps warm up the muscles before a workout, or smooth out tight muscles or knots post-run. I love to foam roll while watching TV or reading a magazine. I definitely need a new one of these babies!

spibelt10. SPIbelt – This belt works so great for storing GU packs, keys, ID, chapstick, and more during a race or training run. It doesn’t move, either. I promise. πŸ™‚

More unique ideas:

  • iTunes gift cards to stock up on motivational songs or running or workout apps. Also, some free apps I love are “Map My Run” and “Nike Training Club.”
  • A marathon or half marathon race tattoo to help them pace their goal time. (So cool!)
  • Purchase an entry to a race or event they’ve recently had their eye on.

And if all else fails, just rub our feet and keep us company after one of our long training runs. πŸ™‚


* Don’t forget to use Ebates if shopping online. They’ll give you a percentage of your purchase back and mail you a check. I don’t lie, people. Check it out here.


3 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide #1 – For runners

  1. College Tri says:

    On Etsy, you can even get your race bib made into a set of coasters. I think I’m going to do that sometime in the spring with my marathon Bib! Feel free to check out the gift guide I posted and current giveaway! πŸ™‚

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