Happy New Year! Welcome, 2013

photo(13){2013 glitter candles I made}

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve. The boy and I just laid low and ordered Chinese food, made some fancy champagne drinks (Prosecco, POM juice, and pomegranate seeds), and watched the ball drop on TV. The past few months have been hectic so it was nice to just ring in the new year very relaxed.

photo(12)We also made ice cream last night with our new ice cream maker my mom gave us. It was really good, and we added crushed Nutter Butters which kicked it up a notch. Once we turn pro in the ice cream making business, I’ll feature some recipes.

I also bought a new nail polish just for the occasion: “It’s My Year.” The color was a gold/purple and was so very pretty! It’s my new favorite.

photo(11)My 2012 was full of wonderful adventures. The past year included my first (but not last) Ragnar Relay race, many weddings, engagements, trips, and concerts, moving to New York City to grow professionally, becoming an aunt, and getting engaged to a wonderful man!! I’ve learned so many things and I’m more than thankful for my family and friends.

What were your favorite parts about 2012?

Happy New Year! Can’t wait for 2013!


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