Mini Vegetarian Pot Pies

It’s cold in New York City. Very cold for an Arizonan like me. It’s been on and off snowing for the past month, which is magical and pretty, but again, cold!

I thought making a warm-weather pot pie would make the shivers go away. And you know what? It did. And, I had leftovers for a few days!

pot-pie-salad{Please ignore the brand of wine in the background. It was the only variety they had at the closest store on my way home, but I really wanted wine to pair with the pies. Not the best decision I’ve made.}

These pot pies were a lot of fun to make. I think anything ‘miniature’ is adorable. I have mini bread loaf pans, mini cocktail shakers, mini ice cream sandwich makers..everything.

veggie-pot-piesAs you saw in the first picture, we had salad (celery, feta, tomato, carrots, and avocado) and Zaro’s bread with the meal. I’m getting spoiled by good New York bread! The weight that’s packing on my stomach isn’t the most appealing, but it keeps me warm, right? 😉 {Don’t worry, I’ve started running again! I have a great park near me – Prospect Park – and it’s always so active and full of runners.}

For these Mini Vegetarian Pot Pies, I used a variation of this recipe.

My changes:

– No chicken
– No butter
– No sage
– Sub fat-free milk
– Roast vegetables included: Mushrooms, red potatoes, carrots, celery, peas, onions, and zucchini.

A good thing about ‘mini’ versions of recipes is that they offer controlled portions. I finished my pot pie and had time to register, digest, and decide: “Hey, I don’t need another!” Plus, it made for great leftovers.

Have a great Wednesday!


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