Wednesday Virtual Coffee Date

I thought I’d schedule a coffee date with my blog – aka all of you – to get up to speed with life. Sometimes, all it takes is to schedule a little time for a chat. What kind of coffee are you drinking? I’m sipping on some French Vanilla Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, brewed strong with a splash of skim milk.

  • First thing I’ll catch you up on is food. Obvi. Lately, these are a few creations I’ve made:

photo(14){Sunflower seed crusted Tilapia with salad and mashed red potatoes and spinach}

photo(15){The fiance actually made this one! A Lentil Benedict with Spinach, Tomatoes, Cilantro.}

I have a few others, like Pasta with Avocado Sauce, Chargrilled Oysters, and Clams with White Wine Sauce, but I’ll wait to include a recipe.

  • Β Since my train ride into the city from Brooklyn is about 45 minutes, I’ve take to reading. A LOT. Not only on the train, but I’m currently doing the whole “read until 2 a.m. deal, then get up for work 4.5 hours later.” I actually don’t need a lot of sleep to function. I’ve always been that way. But, it’s getting sliiiighly out of hand. πŸ˜‰ Reading this much, and the fact that I’m in a city that houses a plethora of hungry writers, has sparked a new interest for me: I’d like to write a book. I attended a free fiction writing class a few weeks ago hosted by Gotham Writers at BookCourtΒ (an adorable book store!!) in Cobble Hill and it was genius. The instructor, Polly Bresnick, got right down to business. She was intelligent, thoughtful, funny, and gave really great feedback.
  • Our wedding is 192 days away. 192 days. They say these things come up fast, and now I believe them! It’s actually been a really stress-free planning environment for me, which is how I wanted it. I don’t want anything too fancy, too over-the-top, or too overpriced. I wanted simple, unique, and slightly boho. Since it’s in the woods on the deck of a ski lodge, we’ll have plenty of natural decor, so I’m not too worried about the other stuff I have planned. I have my dress (!!), and my dream photographer, who I’ve pretty much wanted ever since I laid eyes on his work 3 years ago. We just got our Save the Dates yesterday, and I adore them! It’s coming together piece by piece, and it’s just so exciting. Can’t wait to have this nerdball be my guy for life. I’ll share more about my plans as they unfold over the next 6 months.


    {FYI – It’s not snowy anymore. (It’s 50 today!!) I just thought the pic was cute.}
  • I ran Ragnar Relay del Sol about a month ago and I still need to give a recap. It was amazing (and so very hard) this year. Here’s a quick pic.


  • In other running news, Lisa and I checked out a free weekly running group near Union Square atΒ JackRabbit Sports.Β VeryΒ cool! We ran a very fast 3.5 miles around Greenwich, and other little places we weren’t even sure of, talked with some veterans who have been with the group for 1 years+, and ended up at a bar. We didn’t stay, but we’re definitely going to make ourselves regulars from now on.
  • Oh, and I can’t get over how chunky my niece’s cheeks are!! I need to squeeze and kiss her asap. She’s learned how to flip over on her belly and I’ve heard it’s just adorable!


I’d love to hear anything new with you – recipes, workouts, travels?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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