Ragnar Relay del Sol 2013

So, back in February I participated in my second Ragnar Relay Del Sol.

Year two of Ragnar Relay del Sol was another incredible experience. My friend Stacey and I were lucky enough to convince most of our teammates from last year to compete again, so it was a little family reunion. And, I’m happy to report that I did NOT lose a toenail this year. That’s success in my eyes.

So, I flew in on Thursday and met up with my team to decorate our vans, which were actually suburbans, but we fit just fine! We used paint to draw pictures and sayings, added Christmas lights to our roof (we had an electrical plug-in box in the car), and strung a bunch of sparkly streamers.


Van 1 was:

Van 2 was:

Our team this year was BAMFR (Bas Ass Mother F** Runners), so naturally, we got knuckle tattoes, socks that said “Bad Ass,” and team shirts with skulls on them. Naturally.

photo-30 photo-29


Despite the fact that I ran fewer miles this year (17 miles), it was extremely difficult. I ended up having to run two of my runs at night, with almost no one surrounding me, no lights, and in very cold weather. Plus, it was hard for my van to differentiate me from other runners in the dark, so I couldn’t get any support, cheers, or water.

My first run was 7.5 miles and that was actually my best one. Obviously because I felt fresh and energized, but I still surprised myself. I finished in 1:04, which is approximately 8:05 minute miles. Totes cray, because I had NOT been training for this. A few miles here, a workout there, but it’s been hard with moving, getting settled, and finding a gym. I had bought a month membership to New York Sports Club, so I worked out there beforehand and it’s a really great place! Everyone is nice, the equipment and classes are fresh, and their locker rooms offer plenty of room to get ready. I think I may get a membership there. It depends, though, because I’ve also found a really great running group and since it’s getting warmer, I’m perfectly fine with outdoor workouts.

Anyways, back to the story at hand: Ragnar. My 8:05-minute miles. They just felt so amazing. Maybe it was the fact that I had a killer new playlist, or that I just really needed a race since I’ve been in a slump lately. I ended it feeling stoked.

We stopped by a Barro’s pizza to get some food and then rested shortly after that, trying to sleep a few hours in a community center aerobics room on the hardwood floor in our sleeping bags with most of the lights on and people talking. That’s Ragnar, baby!

{Megan, Stacey, and I waiting for Megan’s brother to finish his 13..5-mile leg! Insane.}

We woke up maybe a few hours after. We were all in and out of sleep, but felt a little more refreshed. Our van 2 started back up at about 2 am ish maybe? Our middle miles were all fairly short and we were all pretty in shape, so I’m not exaggerating when I say we flew through them. As in, maybe 3 hours? I felt really bad for van 1 because they barely had time to eat and didn’t get to sleep at all and they were back going.


My 2nd leg was 4.1 miles, but was really hard. It was basically all uphill. I felt OK, but my legs we tight and dead. I didn’t even talk to anyone after I got done. I was over it. After our second legs, we headed to high school to try to get a few more hours of sleep in. We wiped ourselves down (yes, wiped. Haha) then relaxed in the parking lot waiting for Van 1 to get done with their 3rd leg. It look a little longer than we had planned, so we were getting antsy, but it gave us plenty of time to snack, throw the football around, and snap some photos.

{Here’s my van. They’re rad.}

{We had the best spread. Bagels & cream cheese, pasta salad, guacamole, pico de gallo, hummus – you name it. Plus, I had save a Rockstar for this very moment. It was heaven.}

{Megan foam rolling in her awesome tutu.}

Also, can I just say how awesome these shoes are! Megan and her brother Justin both have them (adorable! haha) and I swear they are my next pair.

Our last legs were so much fun! They were difficult, too, but there was an end in sight and it was daytime and warm outside so it made it that much more enjoyable. Plus, my leg was through the Scottsdale Greenbelt, which is gorgeous. I loved every second. πŸ™‚

Then, we all ran in and crossed the finish line with Bess.

{Our whole team!!}

{Marette and I – I heart her and I’m so proud of her!}

We grabbed a few beers afterward and our free pizza’s and just relaxed. THEN, I had to jet off for bachelorette! Yup! Not sure how I made it. I had one last year after Ragnar, too. Guess it’s a tradition.

In other running news:

I also just participated in the New York Road Runners Scotland 10K Run in Central Park; recap to come. One thing I should mention is that I’ve retired my running shoes. So, this weekend I’m looking for another pair!

AND, I’m so, so excited to have gotten into the Brooklyn Half Marathon. They reopened their registration on Wednesday at noon and I jumped on it! I signed up for a few long training runs in Prospect Park and I’ll be doing shorter weekly runs with JackRabbit Sports. Plus, Lisa and Erika are doing it too. I can’t wait to celebrate afterwards with tons of food and mimosas.

Thursday Move of the Week:

I also wanted to share a weekly column I’ve been writing for Health.com. It’s the Thursday Move of the Week. Today is the On-the-Ball Plank. Do you have an exercise/stability ball? They’re a great tool for at-home workout. I deflated mine before we moved so it would be easy to transport, but I definitely need to blow it back up!

Have a great weekend!

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