5 Things You Have To Accept As A Runner

prospect parkAs training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, I went on a long run this past weekend that hosted by Jackrabbit Sports and sponsored by New Balance. It was so fabulous!

distanceWe did a little over 3 laps around Prospect Park to make 11 miles. It was my first time going completely around the park, and let me tell you, there is a KILLER hill. It’s not going to be welcome during my half.

This was the second addition of a 3-week program they organized, and everyone was so friendly and welcoming. All of the people who were helping participants sign in, at bag watch, handing out water, and even the pacers, were all volunteers. I really have give them props. The turnout was really great, though, so I’m sure it was worth it to them.

They had a 10-mile run on April 21 (which I couldn’t make), an 11-mile run last Sunday, and this Saturday is a 12-mile run. The best part? It’s completely free! You arrive, sign in, drop your stuff at bag check (if needed), jump in with the pace group you want, and hit the trail that runs throughout the park. This past Sunday was about 66 degrees. Incredible. It was so hot I cursed myself for not wearing shorts.

After the run, they gave you a goody bag packed with GU, snacks, water, and fruit. I also met some really great people, too, and had some good conversations.
photo(12)I’m also really happy to say that my new Mizuno shoes are working out amazingly. I’m a first-time Mizuno user so I was a little skeptical, but I love how they feel, they aren’t super heavy (I came from wearing Nike Free’s so I was nervous), and I love the colors.

I also came to the realization that as a runner, you just have to accept the following:

1. You’re going to get tan lines: On your thighs, calves, sock lines, arms, face – you name it. I got my first tan line of the season on Sunday – a capri tan line from my pants. Nothing too major, but it’s just a sign of what’s to come. I just have to remember, I may not look as great in a bikini as I’d like, but when you’re racing and accomplishing your goals, nothing else matters, right?

2. The more you train, the fewer showers you take?: You would think if you started running more that you would then shower more. On the contrary, my friends. When you have an evening run, followed by a very early morning run the next day, do you really want to shower twice? Seems like a waste of time, right? Orrrrrr is this just me? πŸ˜‰

3. Diminished social life: I will tell you, that after a long run on a Saturday morning (that takes up a few hours of your day), you will get home, eat everything in sight, take a hot shower, then camp on the couch all day. It’s just the way it is.

4. Your iPod playlist may suddenly disappear: This happened to me last Thursday. I went with my usual Tuesday/Thursday training group at the Jackrabbit Sports on Union Square, and as I went to change a song (while running) I accidentally hit delete. My songs were still on my iPod, but I had arranged them exactly how I wanted them and had built them up for awhile. Guess it’s OK to start fresh every once in awhile. πŸ™‚

5. The more you run, the more you may actually get the runs: Luckily, this has never happened to me before (I’ve sure heard some horror stories), but I have had stomach aches and the scared moment where you honestly think you’re going to pee your pants and there isn’t a restroom in sight.

As a runner, I accept these things. As do all other runners. It just comes with the territory. Are there any other things you can think of that we runners just have to accept? I’d love to hear. πŸ™‚

I’m so excited for this half because it’s right in my hood. πŸ™‚ We literally get to run by the front door of my apartment complex. Perfect for the boy to just wander out and shout a cheer! Lisa and I hope to break 1:50, so send positive vibes, please!

As for other races in my future:

  • June 29: The Take Your Base 5K (And guess who said yes to doing it with me? Yup! The boy! It will be his first race, ever.)
  • September 9: Spartan Race – The Beast version
  • And hopefully, I can sign up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon challenge when it opens. You run a 10K on Saturday, followed by a half marathon on Sunday, and you received 3 medals. πŸ™‚ It’s over my birthday weekend and I think that would be a fabulous way to celebrate. The only thing is, I’m getting nervous that Ragnar Relay will be the same weekend. I sure hope not!

So, after my run Sunday, the boy and I went out to enjoy the nice weather.
front street brooklynHow gorgeous is all the green and budding tulips?

We ended up getting a beer at a place in Park Slope called Bar Reis that had a really cute outdoor backyard garden, pool tables, upstairs (with windy stairs!) and spicy Bloody Mary’s. We’re definitely coming back. Their front door opened up to the outside too, which let a nice cool breeze inside.
jeff beergarita

We then wandered over to Rachel’s Taqueria just a block away. It was pretty good! Our burritos were huge, the service was quick and friendly, and we found some fun drinks.

It’s so nice to enjoy the weather!

Have a great Wednesday.


4 thoughts on “5 Things You Have To Accept As A Runner

  1. Phoebe Wu says:

    In regards to your #2: I’m actually taking more showers. I will take a shower at night and a shower in the morning…as tempting as it is to go to bed grimy, I can’t do it. Maybe if I slept on the couch, haha.

    • Ashley Macha says:

      Haha. I knew I would be a lone soldier on that one. Sometimes, Jeff actually makes me sleep on the couch because I’m grimy! Guess I don’t blame him. How has your running been? Are you doing any races soon?

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