Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap

Happy Wednesday! I finally have my recap of the Brooklyn Half Marathon for you. Holler.


I honestly have nothing but good things to say about this race!

First off: I PR’d! Our goal was to get below 1:50 and that’s just what we did. My official time was 1:48:42, a 7-minute difference between my last PR at Big Sur Half Marathon in Monterey, Calif. Which was in 2011! I can’t believe I haven’t ran a half in THAT long.

So, the week of the race I did a leg workout on Saturday, 4-mile sprint workout Sunday, ran 2 miles on Monday, went to a boxing class Tuesday, then rested the rest of the week. Looking back, I feel like maybe I should have ran at least on Thursday, but my legs were sore so I wanted them to be fresh.

prerace-partyLisa, Erika and I met up on Friday after work and headed to DUMBO for the Brooklyn Half Pre-party to pick up our bib numbers and shirts. It was in the most gorgeous area! It was located right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge in the Old Tobacco Warehouse, which is a beautiful old brick building. It’s what you think about when you think of “old New York.” People can get married in the venue, which also looks out into water.

brick-buildingIt was great weather and everyone was just chatting away, drinking a beer, or snacking on food from local vendors. We just ducked in and ducked out, but I will definitely be going back to the area for a picnic or hang out. They’re even offering free fitness classes all summer at Pier 6 near that location. I can’t wait to participate!

The girls were staying at my place since they live on the Upper East Side and it would take them a long time to get to Brooklyn in the morning. So, we planned a carb night. We made 3 different kinds of pizzas and had a bunch of snacks before. Plus, TONS of water. I also painted my nails a special color from OPI called, “The Impossible.” And it really did help me during the race. πŸ™‚

nail-polishRace day was a little wet, but luckily, it didn’t rain until after the race was completely over. We started near Grand Army Plaza at Prospect Park, which was buzzing with people. There were supporters with signs, the farmer’s market was busy, and street musicians were jamming away, which really helped the first 6 miles breeze by! Lisa, Erika, and I stayed together up until we hit Ocean Parkway, which is the main highway that leads to Coney Island.

runningIt was really cool that they blocked the entire street off. What was even cooler, was that all Jeff had to do was walk outside our apartment and he could see us! So convenient!

The race provided water stations at each mile. I’ve never seen that before. It was nice to know that if you missed one station, you could always count on the next mile. And, there were always people cheering for you! We needed it down Ocean Parkway too. We were only on it for about 5 miles, but it was straight and flat and a little boring. Plus the street names start counting down in the alphabet, so I just kept looking the the letters and counting how many more we had.

That might be my only complaint. But, it was also a blessing in disguise, because it opened up the race a lot. During the first 6 miles, we kept having to weave around people trying to get to the pace we wanted. This allowed us to run freely.

Lisa and I stayed together until about mile 11, and then Lisa went ahead a little. My legs were just SO tight. I was still able to see her until the finish though. πŸ™‚ Good motivation. The finish ended on Coney Island boardwalk, which was really fun, but a little disorienting stepping from asphalt to old, boarded wood.

post-race{Us gals post-race}

We went back to my place, made some coffee, took showers, then headed to brunch.

brunchNext up on the race agenda:

June 29 – Take Your Base 5K (I’m so excited for a super fast, short race)
Sept. 9 – Tri-State Super Spartan
Sept. 29 – Yonkers Half Marathon (This I’m debating about because it’s one week from my wedding day, plus I heard the course is rather boring and very hilly. Any thoughts/advice?)

Have a great day!

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