Running confession


Happy Friday! I’m so glad it’s the weekend. This heat wave has seriously hit me like a ton of bricks. Yes, I’m from Arizona, where it can get into the 120s. BUT, imagine it being 99 degrees outside with 50% humidity, and you’re standing in a sticky, stuffy subway. Yeauup! It doesn’t get finer than that, folks.

Despite all that, I still love New York City. And luckily, these hot days are far and few between. We’ll be back to 80s and nice weather next week. Which is great, because it’s really cramping my running schedule. It’s super hard to run in the humidity. I noticed that during the Take Your Base 5K, but then during my run yesterday morning…whoa!

Which leads me to my confession: I haven’t ran since Take Your Base 5k, almost 3 weeks ago(!!!!!). I know, I know. How can I consider myself a runner and take that much time off, right? Well, life and weather (and many more excuses) got in the way. But, I’m excited to be coming back full force (and I’ll have to because I have some races coming up!).

Will you confess with me? What’s the longest break from running you’ve taken?

Here I am post-run yesterday. Red. Hot. Sweaty. But feelin’ good. I swear my red tank made me look redder…


Despite it though, I was motivated because I was meeting a friend for a run! It’s always helpful to do morning workouts with a friend – there’s less temptation to sleep in! 😉

We ran and met up at Prospect Park, which I just adore running through. I love how active it is, and love the greenery. It’s like you’re in a different place than in a city. From home, then around the park, then back home, it was a little over 4 miles.


Then I did a cool down because my legs were yelling at me. I also saw the super cute “One Love” mural sign (above) during my run. It definitely helped brighten my morning. I’m all about the peace and love. 🙂

What have you guys been doing to beat the heat and humidity during your runs?

Also!!!!! I have a little sneak peak of some of our engagement photos that Jeff and I got taken last month. My co-worker Priscilla is so great to have done them for us! Can you tell we love our food?!


I’ll share more next week. Wedding is just 2.5 months away, and my bridal showers and bachelorette are next month. So cray cray!

Have a fabulous weekend loves.


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