Pickled veggies

Guys! I made pickles the other day.
picklesI’ve always been a pickle person ( straight dill all the way) but after moving to New York, my obsession heightened.

They have pickles or pickled veggies everywhere. The best ones I’ve had so far were at Boulton & Watt in the East Village. A jar is $3 on happy hour so naturally we got all of them to try. Naturally. The Brussels sprouts were to.die.for. As we’re the beets.

So, when Jeff and I decided to host a brunch and Bloody Mary bar at our house this past weekend, I wanted to make fresh pickles for the drinks.
bloody-mary-bar[Our cute bar stocked with Bloody Mary essentials.]

Luckily, I work for a magazine/website with an abundance of recipes. I used this recipe, but added in the seasonings from this recipe.

I cut up mini cucumbers, carrots, and steamed cauliflower, then placed them in air tight jars with thinly sliced onions and the pickling juice. Then I anxiously waited 5 days. Well, I couldn’t resist a taste on day 4, and was pleasantly surprised that I did.

They didn’t taste like dill so much, but just straight pickled (vinegar) veggies with spices. I liked the strong vinegar taste! Jeff said they tasted a little like bread and butter pickles, which I do not like (too sweet). I also added crushed red pepper to the cauliflower jar, which added a nice spicy bite.

Everyone at our brunch loved them, and even asked for the recipe, so they’re a success in my eyes. I can’t wait to experiment with pickling different veggies and spices.

The food at our brunch was so great too! We had fresh fruit salad, Nutella & banana bites (genius), black bean dip, blueberry banana bread, and a beer cheese dip with smoky bacon flavor that the boys loved. I also made a spinach, onion, and bell pepper quiche with a shredded red potato crust and a French toast bake. Nice little feast.

Plus, we had mimosas and Bloody Mary’s galore. I swear, Bloody Mary’s are a meal in themselves.

Would you or have you tried pickling? I’d love any tips or recipes.

Enjoy your day! It’s gorgeous here in New York and I can’t wait for an afternoon run. And Ragnar del Sol registration opens today! I’m so excited to have already found a complete team! It’s all girls too so I think we’ll have an absolute blast. Marette and Stacey are in it again too!

P.S. Guess what I’m making tonight? THIS! OMG…..



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