Bridal Shower #1: The Tea Party!

bs9Alright, so let’s get going on all the wedding updates! And, speaking of wedding, today is our one month anniversary! I can’t believe it was just one month ago! So crazy!

So, I’ll start by saying I have the most incredible group of friends and family. I flew home for a week in the beginning of August and had not one, but two thoughtful bridal showers. Everything was just perfect!

First shower that was up was my friends one. My bridesmaids, Melissa, Sarah, Shanda, Shelby, Danielle, Cody, Stacey, and Nicole, did such an amazing job of really putting “me” into everything. The invites looked like little tea cups, even with a little tea bag. So cute, right? They found them on Etsy (a site that helped me out a lot during wedding planning).

So, going with the tea theme, we had little tea pots and tea cups to drink from (wine though instead of actual tea, duh). And the favors were little tea bags that were personalized with my name and date! I heart it so much. I saved a bunch of them like a nerd.
bs7And the shower was held at a little restaurant in Gilbert, fittingly called, The Gilbert House. Shelby’s mother-in-law owns the restaurant and it’s so very delicious.

The girls brought my favorite foods:
bs1Pita Jungle hummus (the Jalapeno Cilantro is so good).

bs2Veggie sandwiches, with avocado, sprouts, tomato, cheese, onion and this really fluffy bread (props Shanda!). Salad with a raspberry dressing, and tomato, basil, and mozzarella skewers. Fruit, pasta salad, and they had chicken croissants for the meat eaters.

bs3Danielle MADE all of these desserts! Made them. She’s one of the most talented little bakers I know. And her presentation is just phenomenal.

Here is my plate. I had two of these, plus dessert and wine. 😉
bs-15We all sat around and drank from our tea cups and mingled for awhile, and I even got to see my little Lily bug!

bs4bridal-showerThe decorations were adorable, too! My friends are so crafty and creative.
bs-12bs-16bs6After we ate, we started playing some games Nicole (Jeff’s sister) planned. First was a game where everyone got into teams and got a paper where they checked off and got points for having certain items in their purse, like mascara, a mirror, even a gun (lol)!

Another game: I had to leave the room and everyone had to try to remember what I was wearing, down to how I had my hair and makeup, and the closest person got a prize. I loved the dress I wore (ivory razorback dress with an ivory bow in the back), so this was a fun game for me. It was also the first time I wore dainty gold rings, which was fun, and a new pair of brown Aldo heels.

Then we played a game where Nicole had emailed Jeff some questions to answer and then I had to guess what he said and if I got it wrong, had to put gum in my mouth. Some were really funny! Like the fact that his favorite food is “salty tater tots.” What a weirdo. 🙂

Then I opened my gifts and just really got some amazing things, full of love and thought. I’m so lucky to have the group of friends that I do! They really make every and all of my days! Here is some of the group in one room.

It was the perfect day! And then, a few of us met up with another friend who had a bridal shower that same day, and went to Toby Kieth’s bar for some country dancing.
bs10 It was fitting, because that’s where I met Jeff, decked out in his wranglers, black button down, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots. 🙂

Recap in my family shower soon!



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