Avocado Egg Bake

Happy Friiiday! πŸ™‚

I’m sure you know my love for breakfast by now with my many recipe posts like the Breakfast Pizza and Vegetarian Egg Boat Baguette Bake.

So, it’s only natural that I throw another breakfast treat at you: The Avocado Egg Bake. And yes, it taste just as amazing as it sounds.

First, I halved and de-pitted an avocado, and placed each half in a mini baking dish (can you tell I like mini things?). Then, I cracked two eggs into a bowl, and then transferred each egg into the hole of each half of the avocado. **Putting the eggs into a separate bowl before cracking makes it easier to place the yolk directly into the hole.**

Any leftover egg whites, I just added top of the avocado and into the dish. Then I put it in the oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes (or until eggs were firm). I also added grated cheese on top for the last 5 minutes.
egg-bake-doneThey turned out so yummy! I didn’t even need to add salt and pepper. (Although, I did add Tabasco, because I’m a hot sauce fiend). Here’s another one with double the deliciousness tucked inside.
egg-bake-doubleBelleon Body

In other news, I tried a new workout on Tuesday morning, courtesy of New Balance, and I’m still sore!
belleonFirst off, I got some awesome New Balance gear to use during the workout and I la la loved the shoes. They were light, supportive, and who doesn’t love bright pink? πŸ˜‰ And they go well with the rest of my workout/running shoe collection.
new-balance-shoesJeff Bell and Carlos Leon co-own the private, appointment-only fitness conditioning and personal training studio, Belleon Body, in the East Village. The guys took a group of us through three rounds of exercises, getting faster and adding more reps per round.
IMG_7022While they only offer personal training at the moment, they have offered classes like this and will bring them back come the new year. I’m excited, because it really was a great workout where we just used our body weight and natural movements for exercises.
IMG_2240Any plans for the weekend? I have a handful of Arizona friends in town (odd I know!), so we’ll be galavanting around the city just eating and checking out all the Christmas decorations up already (aka – The Rockefeller Tree and Ice Rink and the Bryant Park Holiday Market).

Updated Race Schedule:

OHβ€”and I have a few runs I need to get in, too (a 5 and a 7 mile). Erika and I signed up for the Voices! 5M on Nov. 17. It’s a race that benefits brain cancer, something my step-mom has been fighting for over 11 years. I just really wanted to help support the cause and let her know I’m thinking about her even though I’m thousands of miles away. We’re going to make t-shirts for the race, too!

Speaking of races, here are some I have on my agenda in the next few months and into next year:

I’d like to add a 10K or another half marathon in the spring, too.



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