I’m Officially a Ragnar Relay Ambassador!

So, you know that crazy overnight relay race I’ve done for the past two years? The one that I’m going back to Arizona at the end of February to do? Ya know, Ragnar Relay? Well, I’ve been selected into their Ambassador Program!! {Pause for a little happy dance.}
ragnar-logo-wonky{Just for reference, here’s my recap of Ragnar Relay in 2012 and Ragnar Relay in 2013.}

So, here’s the back story: In early Fall, I was scavenging the Ragnar Relay Series website {per usual} because that’s when we were getting a team together to sign up for Ragnar Relay Del Sol. I came across their Ambassadors page and was really drawn to it. I could help spread the word about this life-changing/hellish/amazing-fun event? I could run 3-5 Ragnar races in less than a year? I could constantly wear Ragnar temporary tattoos for promo purposes? {Okay, that last one was my idea}


So, I applied. I told them just how obsessed I am with the race {it’s almost better than Disneyland} and tried to win them over with my wittiness {which I really don’t have}.

I hadn’t heard back for a few months, so I thought I wasn’t selected. I had already started crafting my application for the next year {as I also do every time I apply for Survivor and don’t hear back}.

BUT, at the beginning of January, I got an exciting email saying I was selected into the 2014 Ragnar Ambassador program and did I still want to participate? Um, heck yes times 1000!

What does being a Ragnar Ambassador actually mean? I mean, the title alone is cool enough for me, but I also get the privilege of competing in my local Ragnar {which is now the Adirondacks Ragnar Relay}, attending run groups, fitness studios, running stores, and clubs to talk about Ragnar, lead Ragnar 101 sessions, volunteer in Ragnar SWAT at races, and so, so much more. I’m more than stoked to start this journey!

And, Ragnar is just 22 days away! I’m so antsy I can’t even handle it! Follow along with my Ambassador adventures here on the blog or on social, via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. You can also search for the hashtag: #ragnarambassadormacha. See you soon, Arizona.
ragnar-2If anyone is interested in running a Ragnar or have any questions about Ragnar, feel free to email me at: perfectleypeared{at}gmail{dot}com.



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