My Weekly Workout Routine: 2/1-2/16:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI’m not sure I can really see past all the snow build-up here in New York, but I’ll make an attempt at this post.

Wowza! We’ve gotten so much snow this year! It’s actually pretty magical to see it all fall down on you. Plus, it’s really fun to make patterns with your feet and stomp in big piles of snow {while trying not to slip!}. The thing I don’t enjoy is not being able to run because of all the ice on the streets. My friend Erika tripped and fell on ice during one of our runs and was out for a MONTH, so it’s a little nerve-racking to head out when conditions are like this.

Training for this marathon is going to be harder than I thought. So I decided to start documenting my runs and workouts on here as a way to hold myself accountable for doing something.
It’s just bizarre, because just a few weekends ago, it was in the 50s. Oh, it was so nice. {I mean, look, you can see a little leg poking out there! Most of the time I’m too tightly bound up!}

I ended up running to Coney Island, which was about 5 miles from our apartment. It was a really nice run, and the view at the end made it all worth it!
{Oh New York sunset}
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Here are my workouts and runs from last week (way too many off days!):

Feb. 1 – 5miles; 8:41 pace
Feb. 2 – 5 miles; 8:21 pace
Feb. 3 – CYC Fitness class
Feb. 4 – Off
Feb. 5 – NTC workout
Feb. 6 – off
Feb. 7 – off
Feb. 8 – Snowboard
Feb. 9 – Off

Workouts so far this week:

Feb. 10 – NTC workout (I was on the wait list for a CYC class, but didn’t get on)
Feb. 11 – off
Feb. 12 – CYC Fitness class
Feb. 13 – Off
Feb. 14 – NTC workout
Feb. 15 – Run 10-12 miles with Erika
Feb. 16 – off

You’ll help hold me accountable right? Especially when it’s 20 degrees and I need to get in 10 miles. One of the Valentine’s Day gifts I got Jeff {got one for me too!} will definitely help with my winter training problem. πŸ™‚

I can’t WAIT to get to Arizona next week for warmer weather! It makes me gitty just thinking about it. Guess I’ll have to break out my running shorts!

Happy Snow Day!


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